2002 Kia Rio Owners Manual

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Model Year2002
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Mohammed Ismail on Oct 26, 2014. My opinion

its very good car for start driving.

Nathalie Woolford on May 30, 2013.

Q secure a child restraint. The driver’s safety belt incorporates the emergency lock mode only. 3-27 Knowing Your Vehicle A WARNING – Child Restraint Placement NEVER use a child restraint in the front passenger seat. A child in a child restraint installed in the front passenger seat can be severely or fatally injured by an air bag which could impact the cbild restraint with great force wben tbe air bag inflates. Placing a Passenger Safety Belt into the “Auto Lock ” Mode (If Equipped) The use of the auto lock mode will ensure that the normal movement of the child in the vehicle does not.

User and Operator’s Vehicle Manual Guide. Free Auto PDF Manual Download. Years covered by this manual: 2002.

cause the safety bell to be pulled out and loosen the fimmess of its hold on the child restraint. To secure a child restraint in the front passenger seat or rear outboard seats. follow the procedure below. 1. Place the child restraint system il) the seat al)d route the lap/shoulder bell around or through the restraint, following the restraint manufacturer’s instructions. Be sure the belt webbing is not twisted. 3-28 A52803018 2. Insert the lap/shoulder belt latch into the buckle. Listen for the distinct “click ” sound. Position the release hunon so that it is easy to access in case of an emergency. 3. Grasp the shoulder portion of the belt and pull downward until the entire belt is extracted. When the helt is fully extracted, the retractor changes to the automatic locking mode (child restraint mode). 3-29 Knowing Your Vehicle AS2B03020 4. Slowly allow the belt to retract. Pull up on the shoulder webbing. A “c1ic.king ” or “ratcheting ” sound will be heard as the belt retracts. This indicates the retractor is now in the automatic locking mode. Push down on the child restraint while you pull up on the belt in order to remove any slack in the belt. 5. Before placing the child in the child restraint, forcibly try to push the seat from side to side and forward to make sure that the seat is securely held in place. 6. Double check that the retractor is in the automatic locking mode by trying to pull the shoulder ponion of the safety belt out of the retractor. If you cannot pull the belt out of the retractor, it is in the automatic locking mode. If you can, repeat step 4. To remove the child restraint, press the release button on the buckle and then pull the lap/shoulder belt out of the restraint and allow the safety belt to retract fully. 3-30 AWARNING · Auto Lock Mode The lap/shoulder belt automatically returns to the “emergency lock mode ” whenever the belt is allowed to retract fully. Therefore, the preceding six steps must be followed each time a child restraint is installed. If the safety belt is not placed in the “auto lock ” mode, severe i.njury or death could occur to the child and/or other occupants in the vehicle in a collision, since the child seat will not be effectively held in place. To return the saJety belt retractor to the emergency lock mode, allow the seat belt to retract fully to its stowed position. The retractor will then aucomarically switch back to the emergency lock mode Jor nonnal adult usage. Installing a· Child Restraint in the Rear Center Seat (If Equipped) 2MSi03006 3-31 Knowing Your Vehicle To install a child restraint in the rear center seat, do the follo,,:,ing: 1. Place the child restraint in the desired position. Route the lap belt through the restraint according to the seat manufacturer’s instructions. 2. Insert the tongue plate into the buckle until an audible “click ” is heard, indicating the belt is locked in the buckle. 3. Adjust the lap safety belt for a snug hold on the child restraint by pulling on the loose end of the belt. 3-32 Child Restraint Anchorage Position A WARNING· Child Restraint Anchor Fitting Infants and small children should be retrained at all times in an approved cbUd restraint suited to your vehicle. Child restraint anchorage is designed to withstand only those loads imposed by eorrectly fitted child restraints. Under no circumstances are they to be used (or adult seat belts or harnesses or for attaehing other items or equipment to the vehicle. The standard 30 mm bolt and spacers provided with the child restraint MUST NOT be used. Additional non-standard bolt and spacers may be obtained from an Authorized Kia Dealer. Check that the ehild restraint system is secured by pushing and pulling it in different directions. Incorreetly fitted child restraint may swing, twist, tip or come away causing death or injury. @) AS2B03062A The child restraint anchor fittings are installed on the shelf behind the rear seal. 3-33 Knowing Your Vehicle

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Publisher: Kia Canada www.kia.ca

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