Honeywell TH8000 Series Programmable Thermostats Owners Guide

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Honeywell TH8000 Series Programmable Thermostats Owners Guide SKU UPC Model
stephen on Sep 29, 2015.

it is a good system. it does what its supposed to.

Honeywell TH8000 Series Programmable Thermostats. Free owner’s guide and user’s manual in PDF format.
• Large, Clear Display with Backlighting—current temperature, set temperature and time are easy-to-read and all are displayed on the home screen
• Menu Driven Programming—Guides you through the scheduling process, showing only necessary information and choices on each screen
• Ability to Select Multiple Days—allows you to easily customize the thermostat for your unique schedule
• Real-Time Clock—keeps time during power failure; automatically updates for daylight savings
• Armchair Programming—allows you to remove thermostat from wall to set the schedule
• Precise Temperature Control (+/- 1°F)—reliable, consistent comfort
• Multiple HOLD options—allows you to modify schedule indefinitely or for a specific time
• Change Reminders—reminds you to service or replace the air filter, humidifier pad, ultraviolet lamp or thermostat batteries
• Programmable Fan—increases air quality when combined with a whole-house air cleaner
• Outdoor Temperature Indication (Select Models)—shows current outdoor temperature on the display to help you plan outdoor activities

Features 3
Home Screen 4
Programming Your Heating and Cooling Schedule 6
Operating Your Thermostat 12
Replacing Your Batteries 19
Cleaning Your Thermostat Screen 22
Reading Your Outdoor Temperature (Select Models) 23
Reading Your Remote Indoor Temperature (Select Models) 24
Reading Your Inside Humidity Level (Select Models) 28
Controlling Your Inside Dehumidification Setting (Select Models) 29
Advanced Settings 34
Frequently Asked Questions and Answers 42
Limited Five-Year Warranty 43
Customer Assistance 44

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
Q: Some or all keys on the display do not work; why?
A: Thermostat screen is locked See Advanced Setting section to unlock keys on the screen
Q: Backlighting seems dim; is it designed to be dim?
A: In models that use batteries for power, install fresh AAA alkaline batteries
Q: Thermostat is asking for heating or cooling to come on (screen shows “Heat On” or “Cool On” in display) but there is no heating or cooling running
A: Call your local heating and/or cooling contractor to check your heating and/or cooling system
Q: Under the Fan on the screen, Auto and On or Auto and Circ are shown What does this mean?
A: The Fan is programmed for either On or Circulate See the Fan Schedule section for more information
Q: Why doesn’t the thermostat respond when I touch the keys?
A: Check to determine if the screen is in the Locked or Clean mode See Screen Locked or Cleaning Thermostat Screen sections


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