Kuhn HAybob 300 360 Tedder Rake Combination Agricultural Catalog

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Danny garcia on Jul 17, 2015. Hay bob 360

Need an electronic manual for hay bob 360

hAybob haybob HAYBOB 300 and 360 Tedder/Rake Combination 300 and 360 HAYBOB New HAYBOB Tedder / rAke COmBiNATiON the Haybob 300 and 360 tedder/rake combination are universal haymakers, ideally-suited for the farm hobbyist, as well as hay producers with small- to medium-sized operations. the Haybob models offer excellent performance in grass and delicate legume hay crops, and provide thorough tedding to uniformly spread wet crops for fast drying.

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easily converted from tedding to raking, these machines also provide gentle crop handling and fluffy, well-formed windrows. the Haybob combination tedder/ rakes offer a practical and economical alternative for producers who wish to save the cost of multiple specialized machines. HAYBOB 360 the rotation of the left rotor on the Haybob 360 is easily reversed with a shift lever, for simple conversion between raking and tedding. the side-delivery design provides uniform windrows and the ability to merge swaths in two passes. CeNTrifugAl fOrCe-CONTrOlled TiNes Benefits you expect from KUHN twenty individually-mounted, pivoting tines have nylon bearings that provide reliable performance and operation that is practically maintenance free. tine height and rotor pitch angle are HAYBOB 300 the Haybob 300 provides efficient tedding and quality center-delivery raking. adjustable swath boards provide neatly formed windrows and may be offset to form a double row in three passes. quickly optimized for both tedding and raking by adjusting wheel columns and the tractor’s top link to obtain the desired setting. each rotor basket is equipped with Pivoting Headstock with Lock the pivoting headstock unlocks while at work to closely follow the path of the tractor when turning, without damage to the windrow. When raised for transport, the headstock automatically centers and locks for added safety. both narrow and wide tines to obtain a wide working area for high-capacity operation and faster working speeds.

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